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You don't have to take our word for it. See what others are saying about Ares Fanstand.

“Our track Fanstand was a great success. We made $3,000 in profit. It was so much easier for me as a coach instead of collecting money and order forms - all I had to do was hand out a flyer! So convenient and great products! And the people who ran our Fanstand always made sure we had exactly what we wanted and needed and were a pleasure to deal with!”

Kimberly Hykey
Girls Track and Soccer Coach
Lyndhurst HS (NJ)

“I only received positive feedback in regards to the online store — it was simple for our coaches to set up and for parents to make purchases. The garments from Ares have all been of high quality, and no one has been disappointed in this regard. I like how:

  1. Our coaches handle absolutely no money
  2. Parents can order and pay directly online at their convenience
  3. Parents are able to size their garments upon ordering -- thus they are responsible for their own sizing
  4. The entire delivery is made to the school with each athlete's name printed clearly on a bag containing their individual order
  5. Any problems with the order are handled directly between the athlete/parents and Ares
  6. There is potential for the school to make money from the spirit wear sale.”

Brian Shipley
Hastings Middle School (OH)

“We used both as a fundraiser and as a Holiday Sale. We raised approximately $5,000 which was triple the amount I made the year before with our previous vendor. The funds were used for a variety of teachers grants. The service solved several problems for us.  The first being an entirely new collection of items which allowed for repeat sales. Our previous vendor only allowed us to add one or two new items each year. When we switched over to Ares our sales more than doubled. I also loved that all payments were processed by Ares; we didn't have hundreds of checks to cash etc… And having the items sorted and packed by Ares so all we had to do was hand them out saved us so much time and hassle! The store was easy to set up once I decided on the logos and apparel items I wanted to offer. Selecting them was challenging for me because I wanted to make sure I had something that appealed to everyone and every body type. There was nothing but positive feedback on every aspect from selection to online ordering. To be honest, I was on the fence when I decided to ask our board to allow me to make the switch. I was nervous to put it all on the line, but it was the best decision, and well worth the risk. Now our board can't imagine not using Ares!”

Brenda Bush
Parent/Boosters Member
Dublin Jerome HS (OH)

“I've been working with Ares Fanstand for two years and have been nothing but impressed with the level of customer service and the quality of their products. Our 2014 track team used a Fanstand for the first time and it was awesome! It allowed our kids to have a range of products and designs at prices everyone could afford! Great job.”

Rob Barelli
Track Coach
Sunnyvale MS (Sunnyvale, CA)

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