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Call an audible on your apparel game plan.

You signed up to coach players and games, not to spend hours on end managing team apparel and spirit wear orders. The way we see it, that's an assistant's job. Let us step in and replace your team wear headaches with a simple-to-set-up, easy-to-use, streamlined process.

Here's How it Works.

  1. Set up your Fanstand in minutes. Easily set up a custom online Fanstand and "brand" it with your team colors. You can even add your logo or mascot!
  2. Stock your Fanstand with great gear. You can choose the items to offer in your Fanstand. Select your design, customize with your school colors and optional mascot - and even set your own prices (perfect for fundraising)!
  3. Send your players, parents, and fans online. Rather than collecting forms, simply pass out our great looking flyers with your Fanstand URL and simple directions for how to log on, order and personalize their gear. We create the flyers – all you have to do is print them!
  1. Collect payments online. No more collecting cash and checks! Your team pays through our secure online payment process. We’ll track orders and give you a complete order summary at any time to keep you and your team in the loop.
  2. Choose your preferred distribution method. You decide how you want to pass out the apparel by choosing to have individual orders shipped directly to team members' homes, or to have the entire order delivered straight to you.
  3. Get back to coaching. Without the burden of collecting orders and funds, you can focus your energy where it matters most: the game!

You'll never go back to the old school way of
collecting team apparel orders.

Before Ares Fanstand, a coach typically finds herself fighting an uphill battle. Trying desperately to organize chaos, she'd spend hours creating paper order forms that she would pass out to - well, the whole school. And that's only the start of her battle. Once she's distributed the order forms, she'll need to:

  • Collect the forms, which means she’ll have to track down every player, parent, and fan.
  • Correctly input shirt sizes into whatever system she's created (spreadsheet, chalkboard, phone, sticky notes).
  • Collect payments and handle that special request from Johnny’s mom to have her son’s name and number put on the hoodie she’s ordering.

The whole process steals away valuable practice time with her players and attention to her coaching tasks. This is why we created Ares Fanstand - to give coaches a simple and convenient solution to the team wear ordering responsibility they face every season.

Are you ready to get started?

Set up your Fanstand today!