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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact an account representative!

How long is my Fanstand open, or available?

Once you finalize your products, you will be able to "open" your Fanstand to your team and fans. Fanstands typically remain open for 14 days, but can be adjusted to fit your schedule when finalizing the store details.

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Can I make changes to the products or designs in my Fanstand?

You can make changes to designs and select different products until your Fanstand opens. Once open, contact your account representative to make changes.

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How do I get people to go to my Fanstand?

We will provide all of the tools you need to market your Fanstand. When finalizing a Fanstand, you have an option to immediately promote the Fanstand via email. With this, you can easily build your email distribution list and quickly send out emails to your team. We will also send out the direct link to your Fanstand as well as periodic friendly reminders. Use our Facebook and Twitter buttons on your account and store pages to share your Fanstand via social media. A printable flyer will also be supplied on your account and store pages that you can pass along to your players, parents, and fans. The flyer will be customized with your team colors, and will provide simple directions for accessing your Fanstand and making purchases online.

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Why do you want my team email list and how will you use it?

We will use your list to promote your Fanstand on your behalf. We will not sell your list or use it for any other purpose than promoting your current Fanstand.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is a minimum order of 6 pieces per product offered within the store. If less than 6 pieces of an item are ordered, we reserve the right to cancel the order of that item and refund those who purchased it.

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How does payment work, exactly?

At the end of a transaction, each individual customer will pay for his/her order via credit card . The Fanstand administrator never touches the money or worries about collecting payment, and our online payment system is safe and secure.

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How will the items ship?

When finalizing details of the Fanstand, you will be able to choose how orders will ship. The current options are to have all purchases ground ship to the Fanstand administrator at no additional charge (Ship the order to me), or for each customer purchase to ship directly to the store customer (Ship the order to each individual purchaser). The individual ship option results in $4.99 being applied to each transaction at checkout.

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When will the items ship?

All orders will ship approximately two weeks after your Fanstand closes.

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How will I know what items are distributed to whom if I choose to have the entire order shipped to me?

The Fanstand administrator has access to a printable form that shows who purchased what. It will include the product, size and whether or not they added a player name and/or number. This form will also be included with your shipment.

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Can I upload my own logo or design?

Yes! Simply select a garment in your Fanstand. On the product page, select "Edit Front Design". On the next screen, select "Not able to edit this exactly how you'd like? Try the Design Factory." This option will open the Design Factory. Click the "Art" button and upload your file! Please note, your artwork must be in JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, BMP, or TIFF format.

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Can I use the Fanstand as a fundraiser?

Absolutely! We set a minimum price for each product in your Fanstand. You can raise these prices to allow for fundraising. Only the prices you set will be visible in your store. Ares collects the minimum cost to cover the items and you keep the rest! Distribute your Fanstand URL and flyer and start raising money for your team!

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I am using my Fanstand as a fundraiser. When will I receive the money raised?

A check for any money raised can be requested two weeks after products have shipped. Any money raised can also be used as a credit toward uniform, warmup or bulk spiritwear purchases from Ares Sportswear.

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Can shoppers add a name/number to the items in the Fanstand?

Yes, shoppers will be given the option of adding a player name and number to certain products in the store for an additional cost.

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What are the terms and conditions and privacy policies of using this website?

Here are links to our Terms and Conditions page, as well as the Privacy Policy page.
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